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We're building the worlds biggest dance music archive - The DNA of Dance.

The Dance Music Archive is a multi-platform home to hear, record, read and celebrate the rich history of dance and electronic music. It's a website, a weekly radio programme, and online community, which brings together 30 years of electronic music history through DJ mixes, radio shows, live sets, festival broadcasts, lost tapes, blogs, artwork, magazines and forgotten recordings. 

 It is a time machine for our scene and a true celebration of dance. It belongs to everyone. 

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Andi Durrant


DJ, Presenter, Producer

Co Founder of This Is Distorted Ltd

Chief Librarian: Dance Music Archive


The following people helped 

kick start the archive or continue

to grow the project

  • Duncan Wallace

  • Jake Gable

  • Suzanne Chesterton

  • Steve Helstrip

  • Matt Frost

  • Gaz Rowley-Jones

  • Dave Perry

  • Alex Healey

  • Andy Roberts

  • Daniel Escreet

  • Phillip Baxter

  • Nick Cooper

I’ve been an electronic music geek since I was a kid - heading down to the newsagents to buy my copies of Muzik, Mixmag and DJ magazine, way before I was actually old enough to get into a nightclub.

I saved up for my first belt-drive turntables, spent my pocket money on 12” records, and made mixtapes on C90s for my mates at school. I used to send my dad out with a shopping list for tracks I’d heard Pete Tong or Danny Rampling play on Radio 1, and in the school holidays I’d tag along with him when he went across the Pennines for work meetings in Manchester, so that I could nervously go into Eastern Bloc or walk past the Hacienda wondering what it was like inside.

Growing up in the 90s was incredible - too young for the acid house explosion, but just in time to be fully immersed in this incredible culture and forge our own scene in the super clubs of Gatecrasher, Cream, Godskitchen, Ministry of Sound, Slinky and the like.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have a fantastic a career in dance music - having presented shows on Kiss, Capital and Galaxy FM in the UK since 1998, releasing over 150 tracks and remixes and playing at clubs and festivals around the world. I’ve been on air pretty much every weekend for 22 years now, flying the flag for dance music and I continue to present my own weekly syndicated show.

I’ve always been a bit of a hoarder, and to the annoyance of my family I have boxes and boxes of what most people would consider rubbish, but I think contain a little part of the rich history of our scene.

During the coronavirus lockdown of Spring 2020 I found myself with a little more time at home than usual. I was having a dig around the loft and came across a couple of boxes of old guest mixes from my radio shows over the years. I’ve been honoured to have some of the biggest names in dance do sessions for us, and I’ve tried to keep as much as possible. 

Original Haul from Andis loft.jpg

It also turns out lots of other people have stuff like this, and digging through YouTube I found that there’s already thousands of rare and exciting old DJ sets and recordings that people have made and uploaded, but there wasn’t one place to discover them all.  We decided to set about putting it all into one place - a constantly growing and evolving digital museum, which we hope will bring back some amazing memories and provide a place to document the diverse, fascinating and forward-thinking evolution of dance music.

The archive is a passion project from our team at Distorted and is only made possible by the brilliant people who are constantly adding to it, giving up their time to rip CDs, record and restore old DAT tapes, search the furthers corners of the internet, and donate their own precious recordings and resources.


Please drop us an email if you'd like to get involved or have something you think we should showcase on in the archive.

Hope you enjoy it, Andi 🙂

The Dance Music Archive is dedicated to Duncan Wallace. We miss you. 

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