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There's loads of stuff missing - Why don't you have a certain DJ/Event/Radio Show/Mix in the archive?

There IS lots missing.. the Dance Music Archive will never be "complete" - it's impossible to cover everything and we're relying on your help. Get involved by doing some research, collecting mixes, flyers or artwork together, digging out those old tapes and recordings, and get it over to us. The archive belongs to everybody. 

How do you make money?

We've got no idea yet. We'll worry about it later... it's not really what it was built for, so let's just concentrate on making it great. 

I've found some content on the archive that I own the copyright for. How do I get them removed?

Sorry about that - as most content is sent to us from fans and members of the public, there's bound to be things that end up on the site that shouldn't be there. Essentially, we don't own anything on the archive - it's just all brought together from sources spread across the internet, and placed within the archive in good faith for posterity. Send an email to if there's a problem, and we'll remove the offending item asap.

How do I suggest something that I think should be added to the archive?

Drop us an email from the address at the bottom of the page, or get in touch through our social channels.

I found a dead link or a broke web page. How do I report it?

Please drop us a quick email to - thanks for helping keep the DMA clean!

A video or recording has silences, gaps or missing tracks in it.. why?

Most of the audio content (mixes, radio shows, live recordings etc) is taken from YouTube, who have their own recognition software that sometimes mutes or blocks tracks that have copyright issues. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about this, but if it affects a large portion of something, let us know and we can remove it from the archive.

How often does the archive get updated?

All the time - at the moment we're adding new content every day.

Can I submit my own DJ mixes or radio shows?

We don't need any new / modern DJ mixes or shows as that's not what the project is about, but if you have something with particular historical merit you think should be included, please get in touch.

I have some old tapes/DATs/CDs etc that you might be interested in adding to the archive. Do you provide a digitisation service?

We don't currently provide a consumer-facing service where we digitise CDs/DATs/Casettes as a paid-for service, but if you have something that you think should be in the archive we'd be more for you to post it to use (with pre-paid return packaging) and we'll get it ripped and uploaded safely.

Why do you only use Spotify for the music playlists?

We use Spotify as they make it the easiest for us to embed their players into the website, and they have such a huge catalogue of music. We're looking in to how we could use Apple Music and other providers at the moment.

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